Bali Yoga Retreat & Holiday,
Monday 12 June - Sunday 18 June 2017

Verga in Hakushu, Yamanashi, JAPAN ~ 19 to 27 September 2017

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Tilba Tilba, South Coast, NSW, Saturday 28 - Monday 30 October 2017

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Shed the Old and Clear the Decks!
What are you holding onto?
Why bother letting go to clear the decks?

Clear the Decks, Shed and Let Go are words that you might relate to when dealing with 'stuff' that's getting in the way of achieving health, clarity, vitality, optimum work and relationship situations in your life.

It is about:

  • Setting your self up to thrive on all levels in life.
  • Eliminating the things that drain your energy and negatively that dominates your time and space - mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Assisting you to manage stress levels and reduce feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.
  • Proactively dealing with the things that negatively impact your time and energy and get in the way of what it is you really want in your life, work and relationships.

In some ways, it is a lot like building a house. Imagine you have just bought a block of land and want to build your dream home on it. You wouldn't just steam ahead and start building.

You would clear the site first of all the rubbish and debris that is on it to give a good, clear solid space and foundation for building something strong that will last.The same is true for setting yourself up towards success in your life. You need to clear the decks first.

How are you going to start this cleansing?
Start by clearing out your wardrobe/bedroom (aiding a good nights sleep) is a good start with a big bag of excess clothing, shoes, hats, books etc to the local community 2nd hand shop. A great suggestion and fun thing to do is to get your friends together in a large room with a bag or two of giveaways and enjoy the let go of your trash to someone who sees it as their treasure. Continue this cleanse in every room of your home.

Having addressed the physical we go deeper to areas of life that may challenge you. The name of this life's game on earth is called 'change' it is constant from inception to exiting our world.

Marianne Williamson puts it well in her book "The Age of Miracles', she says, at this time in history it looks like there is a split in the universe, those who remain on the path of destruction, dysfunction, unreliability, self-absorption, dominance and fear etc; and those who aim for peace on earth, for highest possibility. In this we have choice:
To let go/shed/clear the decks gracefully of what we don't need any more, the person we've been and to become more marvelous, benevolent and compassionate�
Let go angrily whilst our lives become more unpleasant, bitter and chaotic.

In Yogic terms here is a simple yet powerful technique we can action a change into being:
Sit quietly relaxed or if you can during your daily activities focus on your breathing. Use every moment as a chance to exhale old energies and breathe in new life; exhale fear and inhale love; exhale lack and inhale gratitude; exhale grandiosity and inhale dignity. Feel free to create your own words of renewal. You may want to complete the practice here or continue on... Once you have filled yourself with love, gratitude, dignity and peace continue to breath in the positive then begin to exhale positive healing out to those that you have difficulty with, maybe those who have hurt you, then after 7 exhales, go wider and send the positive, healing energy out to people, countries that are most in need. Continue to envelope the world with your conscious awareness of the feelings of positivity, peace and well being. When complete, return to yourself and feel grateful and continue enjoying your day.

This practice is a developing continual process of bringing in and welcoming the person you wish to be and the world you wish to live in.

Another practice that may suit you is a gentle 10 minute meditation/visualization to do every day. Firstly have your body relaxed either sitting or laying down. Close your eyes and focus on the eyebrow center and let the space there expand. Look at your life at a glance and if there is something you don't like without judgment or criticism imagine your desired life. See yourself there as you wish, notice everything about yourself; hair; clothes; posture; where you are; what you are doing; are you alone or with another/s. Take 10 breaths into this new you, new image, now expand and step into this image of you and imprint this into your subconscious mind.

A Hindu Prayer for Peace (slightly changed)
May there be peace on earth.
May the waters soothe.
May herbs be wholesome.
May trees and plants bring peace to all.
May all beneficial beings bring peace to us.
May there be peace throughout the world.

May all things be a source of peace to us.
And may your peace itself bestow peace on all.
And may that peace come to me also.

Lead us from the unreal to the Real.
Lead us from darkness to light.
Lead us from death to immortality.
Peace, Peace, Peace unto all.



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Maya Tampilang
from : Jakarta - Indonesia
Kate Nirlipta is an inspiring beautiful teacher, she taught me how to balance my unbalanced guna's, she gave encouragement with her compassion and I had special emotional moment through her session class. Thank you for guiding me to understand the "Svadhyaya" and the yoga lifestyle about "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the light". Always love her meditation, relaxation and evening activity. Love the healing power of song "I am the light of my soul" every time I hear the song my heart & soul feels like a blooming lotus flower. I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher and you have helped me to spread my wings…absolutely transforming. Terima kasih banyak ibu cantik. Love always

Robyn Sedgwick
from : Australia
I am delighted to recommend Kate Nirlipta to anyone at all who is interested in experiencing heart based wisdom through embodied yoga. She is simply the best yoga teacher I have been fortunate enough to learn from. Her approach remains influential in my own practice and teaching. Kate first inspired me fifteen years ago to practice yoga. I was an ex dance teacher still grappling with issues resulting from a car accident and a crushed T12. Her sensitive and knowledgable teaching helped me discover a new way of experiencing my self and my body and began my love affair with the transformative power of yoga on all levels. She also introduced me to the incredible practice of Yoga Nidra . Last year in 2012 I attended a yoga teacher training intensive in Bali largely for the opportunity to again learn from Kate. Her mastery as a teacher and her heart felt warmth and compassion was acknowledged and highly valued by all in the course who were wide ranging in age and cultural backgrounds. She embodies her teaching and has encouraged us all to find our own authentic way to do this in our practice and the classes we offer. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and would encourage anyone of any age or experience to take to opportunity to learn from this outstanding teacher.

Jacki, Narooma
from : NSW, Australia
I love yoga with Kate! Yoga day is my favourite day of the week, a special time I dedicate to myself.
Kate has shown me that yoga is so much more than postures and stretches.Her knowledge and experience is shared gently with love and kindness.The Breathing Space studio is filled with loving, healing energy. Natural light floods the room, the birds sing in the garden and the ocean waves area gentle sigh in the distance. A very special place to practice yoga and meditation.
I feel blessed to have found Kate and her classes. Her yoga is the real deal, truly a mind, body and spirit experience. Thank you Kate.

Kate Nirlipta

  Please Contact Kate,  She is very happy to let you know her up-to-date schedule and answer any questions relating to her work.