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5 Seasonal tips for a Healthy Autumn

Autumn is the season of the vata dosha�in Yogic terms it is the subtle energy that governs movement. Literally translated as "wind," vata is dry. It comes in bursts. It moves (and changes directions). It is often cold. Vata rises in autumn, and when it does, it can leave you feeling worn out, brittle, and susceptible to illness. If you're experiencing some of the following symptoms, you have excess vata:

  • dry skin
  • achy joints
  • restless, fitful sleep
  • irregular bowels
  • constipation
  • gas
  • lower backaches
  • erratic thinking
  • erratic routines
  • earaches
  • anxiety
  • insecurity
  • loneliness

Ayurvedic oil treatments are a perfect cure-all for Autumn. The weight of oil applied to the skin slows down the vata's flighty, excess nature. The oil used lubricates the skin, tissues, and joints and assists you to be grounded and feeling centered in yourself. I highly recommend trying one or all of these nourishing oil regime and see for yourself.

  1. Full-Body Oil Massage
    Dry, cold weather enters the body through the pores, the ears, the nostrils, the lips, the navel, the genitals, and the anus. By lubricating these openings, you shield yourself from the cold. Before you go to bed, rub some warm sesame oil all over your body with particular attention to the ears, nostrils, and other openings.

    If you're having trouble sleeping, rub some oil on the soles of the feet and into the scalp. Then take a warm bath as (suggested in the start of this newsletter) and scrub your body. Your muscles will melt, and you'll sleep like a baby.
  2. Continue your practices
    Before going to bed and first thing in the morning, take a mouthful of organic sesame oil or coconut oil, swill it around your mouth, for 1�2 minutes, and expel it. For more details on "pulling" go to ~, Then apply some oil to your index finger and gently massage your gums. It's good for an impacted wisdom tooth, receding gums, and sensitive teeth, for preventing cavities, earaches and a host of other benefits.
  3. Garlic Oil for the Ears
    Mr Charaka, the father of ayurveda, recommends putting a few drops of freshly made garlic oil into each ear at bedtime once every two weeks. This is how you do it:
    • Boil 1 tablespoon of sesame oil + 1/2 clove of freshly chopped garlic until the garlic turns brown.
    • Press the oil from the garlic and strain it.
    • Cool the oil to body temperature.
    • Lie on your left side and put 5�10 drops of oil into your right ear.
    • Rest for a few minutes.
    • Roll over to your right side, protecting your pillow with a towel, and
    • Put 5�10 drops in your left ear.
    • Relax and enjoy a sound sleep.
    Garlic oil has a wonderful aroma that can calm your mind for a peaceful sleep. This procedure is good for TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), tinnitus, earwax, and hearing loss. Never put oil in the ear when there are signs of infection or discharge
  4. Castor oil for the Eyes
    If you have dry eyes, try this very helpful remedy:
    • Lay on your back, face up,
    • Put one drop of castor oil in each eye at bedtime.
    • In the morning your eyes will be moist, beautiful, and clear.
  5. Basti for the Colon
    To avoid constipation in Autumn:
    • Put approximately one cup of lukewarm sesame oil into the rectum and
    • Retain it as long as you can. (for at least 10 minutes and work your way up to overnight.)
    • Empty the bowels when needed, don't strain to hold the oil. (Place a towel underneath you because during and after this procedure some seepage may ocur.)

    This ayurvedic oil enema is called anuvasana basti. It lubricates the colon, relieves constipation, heals haemorrhoids, and relieves lower backaches. For women, it's also good for fissures and fistula, dysmenorrhea, painful menstruation, and PMS.
    Avoid enema treatments if you:
    • Have a prolapsed rectum.
    • Have a thick, white coating on your tongue.
    • Are menstruating, pregnant.
    • Have been diagnosed with prolapsed vagina.




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Maya Tampilang
from : Jakarta - Indonesia
Kate Nirlipta is an inspiring beautiful teacher, she taught me how to balance my unbalanced guna's, she gave encouragement with her compassion and I had special emotional moment through her session class. Thank you for guiding me to understand the "Svadhyaya" and the yoga lifestyle about "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the light". Always love her meditation, relaxation and evening activity. Love the healing power of song "I am the light of my soul" every time I hear the song my heart & soul feels like a blooming lotus flower. I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher and you have helped me to spread my wingsabsolutely transforming. Terima kasih banyak ibu cantik. Love always

Robyn Sedgwick
from : Australia
I am delighted to recommend Kate Nirlipta to anyone at all who is interested in experiencing heart based wisdom through embodied yoga. She is simply the best yoga teacher I have been fortunate enough to learn from. Her approach remains influential in my own practice and teaching. Kate first inspired me fifteen years ago to practice yoga. I was an ex dance teacher still grappling with issues resulting from a car accident and a crushed T12. Her sensitive and knowledgable teaching helped me discover a new way of experiencing my self and my body and began my love affair with the transformative power of yoga on all levels. She also introduced me to the incredible practice of Yoga Nidra . Last year in 2012 I attended a yoga teacher training intensive in Bali largely for the opportunity to again learn from Kate. Her mastery as a teacher and her heart felt warmth and compassion was acknowledged and highly valued by all in the course who were wide ranging in age and cultural backgrounds. She embodies her teaching and has encouraged us all to find our own authentic way to do this in our practice and the classes we offer. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and would encourage anyone of any age or experience to take to opportunity to learn from this outstanding teacher.

Jacki, Narooma
from : NSW, Australia
I love yoga with Kate! Yoga day is my favourite day of the week, a special time I dedicate to myself.
Kate has shown me that yoga is so much more than postures and stretches.Her knowledge and experience is shared gently with love and kindness.The Breathing Space studio is filled with loving, healing energy. Natural light floods the room, the birds sing in the garden and the ocean waves area gentle sigh in the distance. A very special place to practice yoga and meditation.
I feel blessed to have found Kate and her classes. Her yoga is the real deal, truly a mind, body and spirit experience. Thank you Kate.

Kate Nirlipta

  Please Contact Kate,  She is very happy to let you know her up-to-date schedule and answer any questions relating to her work.